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How to Choose Batting Cage Nets

This piece of field equipment offers benefits for baseball and softball players of all levels.


Beginners can develop proper hand-eye coordination and swing mechanics.


More seasoned players can improve their batting speed and strength.


Professionals can use it for warm ups and to improve flexibility, in addition to the above-mentioned

How to Buy and Install Batting Cage Turf

Artificial turf withstands heavy use. Installing it in your batting cage enhances its lifespan as well as protects your ground and improves player safety. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, you can install it on a variety of surfaces including grass, clay and cement. Additionally, it gives your field a fresh, attractive look with minimal maintenance.

Protect Your Playing Field with Quality Turf Mats

Are you facing the ongoing challenge of trying to keep up with the cost of field maintenance during baseball season? Invest in quality field coverings for areas that see a lot of wear. They provide a similar playing surface to natural grass and help you maintain a well-groomed look with minimal effort. The protective covers also work like a padding to reduce the ricochet of the ball and create safer playing conditions. The pits caused by constant hitting of the ball and pivoting of cleats (as on natural grass) which are a tripping hazard, are also eliminated.

How to Maintain Your Home Plates

With proper and regular maintenance, you can reduce the time and money spent on home plate care. Used by batters during practice as well as games, it is one of the most used areas of your baseball field. Neglect increases the risk of injury, impacts the gaming experience and reflects poorly on your sports facility. The sports specialists at Richardson Athletics have provided a step-by-step maintenance guide below.

Get More Swing with Total Control Balls

Are you looking for an easy way to help your players develop strength and drive through the hitting zone? Consider the Total Control Batting Balls. Being weighted, they improve power and speed. However, the most important benefit is that they provide instant feedback to the hitter (changing to a donut shape if hit off center) encouraging them to perfect their technique. They make players think about hitting an incoming pitch, promoting solid contact ‘through’ the ball. Here are some of the main reasons why they are so popular with baseball and softball coaches at all levels of play.

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