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Choose the Best Pitcher’s Screen for Your Baseball or Softball Team

Need a new pitcher’s safety net? The Collegiate Pitchers L Screen with #60 net is the preferred choice of coaches, facility managers, parents and players across the United States. Suitable for all levels of play, it safeguards pitchers from irregular shots and hard-hit balls. The hip saver bar option offers extra protection for players and enhances net service life. Moreover, you can use it both with pitching machines and for live-arm delivery.

Why Coaches and Groundskeepers Choose Grand Slam Portable Fencing

Looking for sturdy, transferable field barriers? Grand Slam Fencing Kits are highly popular with coaches and groundskeepers. Easy to install and take down, you can set up a practice or playing area in a matter of minutes. Creating a perimeter for younger kids when sharing the park with other teams or a crowd control barrier for multiple events is no problem at all. We also offer foul pole kits, high-gloss fence poles and PVC ground sockets (for when the fence is removed) to give your field a finished look.

How to Find the Best Baseball Benches for Your Field or Team

Looking for comfortable benches for your baseball field? There a variety of styles, sizes and mounting options available, but while the choice is exciting, it can make the selection process quite confusing. Understanding your options will help you make the right investment. Let us quickly guide you through your choices.

How to Choose Batting Cage Nets

This piece of field equipment offers benefits for baseball and softball players of all levels.


Beginners can develop proper hand-eye coordination and swing mechanics.


More seasoned players can improve their batting speed and strength.


Professionals can use it for warm ups and to improve flexibility, in addition to the above-mentioned

How to Buy and Install Batting Cage Turf

Artificial turf withstands heavy use. Installing it in your batting cage enhances its lifespan as well as protects your ground and improves player safety. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, you can install it on a variety of surfaces including grass, clay and cement. Additionally, it gives your field a fresh, attractive look with minimal maintenance.

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